Three Beverage-Inspired Paint Colors To Try In Your Home

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Three Beverage-Inspired Paint Colors To Try In Your Home

11 August 2023
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There are a few different ways that you can shop for paint before a painting project in your home. One approach is to visit a paint store, browse the look of several swatches, and choose the color that you feel will be the best fit. Another option is to pay more attention to the names of the paint colors, which can often be quite creative. The goal is to find a name that resonates with you and that you feel will work well in your home. One thing that you'll notice is that many paint colors are named after adult beverages. Here are three beverage-inspired paint colors that you might enjoy.


Champagne-colored paint features notes of beige, yellow, and orange and offers a look that is gentle and slightly warm. This is a hue that can augment the look of many areas of a home and might be particularly appealing if you're someone who enjoys drinking champagne. This color of paint has somewhat of a classy and sophisticated look, which you may feel is a good choice for your dining room, primary bedroom, or perhaps even an elegant bathroom. Many colors pair well with champagne paint, so you'll have no trouble decorating a room that has this wall color.


You might feel that bourbon-colored paint is a good choice in your home — particularly if you enjoy sipping this adult beverage from time to time. This color of paint features brown, orange, and red notes, resulting in a warm color that has a refined appearance. If you have a home bar room in your basement in which you entertain friends, you might feel that bourbon-colored paint on the walls is a good fit. This paint color can work well with dark-colored wood furniture, which is often found in home bar rooms.


If you're looking for a fun and upbeat paint color that takes its name from a beverage that many people associate with lively parties, margarita paint might be a good option for you. This color is a blend of lime green and yellow notes, which gives it a light and fresh appearance. You might like using margarita paint in a guest room, particularly if you often have overnight guests whom you feel will enjoy this cheerful look. It can also work well in a home office where you want an upbeat look rather than something too formal.

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