Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Painter To Paint Your Home

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Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Painter To Paint Your Home

10 June 2020
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Painting your home is a necessary task that will help you keep up your home's value and appearance. However, painting your own home can be difficult and more time consuming than it needs to be. The following are some reasons you should look into hiring a professional residential painter to paint and restore your home interior and exterior.

Preparation Work

One of the most important parts of any job you have completed or completed yourself is the preparation work. If you don't prepare to complete the job the right way, your work will end up looking sloppy and the results will be less than desirable. For this reason, when you hire a professional painter, you know they will handle all the preparation work before they apply your choice of paint on the walls or trim.

First, your professional painter will patch any dings or holes in the wall and also remove any existing nails or screws from past wall decor. Then, they will add an appropriate primer over the top of any repairs or bare drywall if this work is to a newly built wall. They will also clean off any greasy residues or old peeling paint on the wall that will prevent the paint from adhering. So if they are painting the exterior of your home, they will sand off any failing paint layer so the new layer is smooth and adheres properly.

Professional Painting Technique

A professional painter will also have the proper techniques down pat for which they will be able to paint your home to look smooth and finished. If they are painting up to the edge of a wall corner, up to the ceiling corner, or along the bottom of the baseboards, you don't need to worry about them accidentally squishing paint onto the opposite or connecting wall. The edges of their lines will be perfectly smooth and striking in contrast, as they will use a high-quality brush to cut in on the edges. Most professional painters don't use tape to mask off the edge of their painting line: they only use tape to protect areas from spatter, such as railings and window glass.

Uniform Paint Tone and Quality

Professional painters order their paint in larger quantities, such as in ten-gallon buckets, so when they mix a specific color for your living room, for example, all the paint for that room comes from the same paint container and the same color batch. If you were to buy several one-gallon cans of paint and have each one colored the same specific color, each paint container can come out slightly different in hue. And when you apply it onto your walls, the difference will be noticeable. But a professional painter will be prepared with paint from the same mixture batch.

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