Are You Planning To Decorate Your New Office?

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Are You Planning To Decorate Your New Office?

26 March 2020
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Have you recently received a promotion that came with your own new office? Or, it might be that your present office has needed attention for quite some time, and you have decided this is the time for a major do-over. If you already have a decorator and you don't need any ideas, you don't need to keep reading. However, if you are doing this redecorating project yourself, here are some ideas that might help you to attain the look you want in your place of business.

The decorating project

A good place to start the decorating project is to hire a commercial painting contractor to do the wall treatment. He or she will have the skills to give attention to detail and to make the final project look fabulous. The painting contractor will have the experience to select the type of paint that will wear well and that will be easily cleaned.

Even though a commercial contractor will be doing the actual work, that certainly doesn't mean that you can't provide ideas of your own.

  • If you are wanting a rustic look in your office, consider selecting something like raw umber for the paint color. Add a wallpaper border that depicts something from the Wild West, perhaps horses or a stage coach. Another idea for a rustic look is to have the walls faux painted to look like denim or leather.
  • For a contemporary look, light or dark gray for the base paint with yellow or red vertical stripes in strategic areas of the wall would be great. Choose a mural that depicts a modern city scene for one of the walls to add extra interest to your office.
  • Maybe you are more of a traditional person. If that's the case, consider having the walls painted a basic off-white or pale blue. A Fleur de lis, a braid or a leaf stencil will add a bit of elegance to the office. 

Consider going to places like hotels, restaurants and country clubs to see how they have decorated the different rooms in their establishments. For example, a hotel dining room might give you ideas for your traditional office, a country club's dining room might give you the idea to include faux painted columns on your office walls and the bar in a restaurant might inspire contemporary ideas for the contemporary office you want. 

If you still don't know exactly what you want, the commercial painting contractor will be happy to show you his or her portfolio of past jobs.