Use Interior Painting to Improve Your Starter Home's Value and Appeal

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Use Interior Painting to Improve Your Starter Home's Value and Appeal

25 March 2020
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While living in a starter home, you may know that you are eventually going to sell the property and find another one to buy and live in once your family's needs change. For some families, this may encourage them to avoid changing anything about the property. However, you should not hesitate to make changes and improvements that can improve the home's value and appeal.

If you want to enjoy these benefits without taking on a massive project, you should hire an interior painting company to paint the inside of your starter home.

Wear and Tear

One of the reasons that you should consider painting is to cover up any existing wear and tear from the paint on your trim, ceiling, cabinets, and walls. When wear and tear is easily noticeable, you may find it a little harder to take attractive photos when preparing to list the home for sale.

While you will likely experience a bit of wear and tear buildup in between the time that you paint the interior to when you sell the home, you can keep it to a minimum. After painting, you can work with your family to build up habits that coincide with keeping the home in great condition.

Getting rid of wear and tear will especially come in handy for the kitchen and your kids' bedrooms since this is where a lot of dirt, grime, and fingerprint marks may show up.

Color Choices

Along with painting your starter home's interior to cover wear and tear, you will gain an opportunity to choose new colors that can make your home more attractive. When coming up with a color scheme, you should avoid considering your own furniture and decorations. This is helpful as you do not want to push people away with a bold theme that buyers may not like.

Going with neutral colors around the house is often the safest bet, and if you are feeling adventurous, you may be able to paint an accent wall or two without going too heavy on theming.


If you intend on living in the house for a couple more years, you should consider going with a glossier shade for the rooms that you know will sustain the most wear and tear. The hallway, living room, and kids' bedrooms are great examples of rooms and areas to pick a glossy finish. This will make it easy to keep them clean and attractive when you are ready to sell the home.

Hiring painting services while living in a starter home is a great way to improve its value and appeal.