3 Pro Guidelines For A Great Experience When Painting Your Exteriors

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3 Pro Guidelines For A Great Experience When Painting Your Exteriors

22 February 2022
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Many homeowners include repainting in their periodic home improvement projects. But they often focus on interior painting as it revamps the living space. However, few homeowners notice that their exteriors need a fresh coat of paint unless the paint is severely worn off.

Remember that repainting your home's exterior surfaces protects the building from weather damage and adds to its curb appeal. However, you should plan the repainting project well before implementing it. Consider these four guidelines when planning.

Quality vs. Outcome

If you want a quality exterior paint job, you should invest in quality materials and labor. You can achieve this by first looking for paint contractors in your area. Ask for referrals from friends and relatives who have enlisted the services of an exterior painter before.

When you have some names, you can look at their portfolio for the quality of their previous projects. Then, hire the most suited candidate for your project. You can ask them to recommend top-quality exterior paint brands in the market. Besides that, your painter will guide you in choosing a paint type suitable for the local climate.

Check What the Weatherman Says

Painting is a renovation process whose outcome heavily relies on the prevalent weather conditions. If the weather is hot and humid, the paint will run, and the results will be dismal. Ask the painting contractor to suggest an appropriate time for the project if you are unsure about it.

They will take you through the weather forecast and choose a day with reasonable temperature and humidity to paint your outdoors. Typically, the best painting season is when there is no rain, the humidity is low, and temperatures are reasonably warm to allow the paint to set.

Paint Doesn't Agree With Dirt

You have to clean the surface before applying a fresh coat of paint to achieve excellent results. A contractor understands the value of cleaning a wall thoroughly before priming and reapplying the paint.

If the old layer has started flaking or chipping, they will strip the wall before repainting it. For example, the professional could sand down the wall or sandblast it before repainting. They will also suggest other preparation steps to ensure that you get the outcome you want to achieve. 

Repainting your home's exterior is a job that needs expertise and a reasonable budget. But, more importantly, prepare adequately and hire an exterior painter to manage the project for you. Contact an exterior painter with any additional questions.