Planning to Sell Your Home? How Repainting It Can Help

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Planning to Sell Your Home? How Repainting It Can Help

22 November 2021
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Most people realize that they should have made better home improvement choices when planning to sell their homes. However, if you want to invest in home improvement that will be beneficial during the home sale, you should consider consulting professionals. Paint is one of the aspects many people overlook, but it has the potential to help you gain or lose thousands of dollars in the sale. Here are some colors that painters recommend for each part of the home if you want to make a great sale. 

Recommended Colors for Different Rooms

Most people like thinking that picking a paint color for their homes should be an emotional process. Therefore, they randomly choose the color that feels great for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms. However, home buyers are specific in choosing light colors for the different parts of the home. For example, a buyer might be willing to pay a little more for a home with blue walls. For bathrooms, consider gray, off-white, and light yellow. Similarly, most people prefer gray living rooms. If you aren't sure about the perfect color for the bedroom, choose navy or dark blue. One way you can tell what color to paint a room is deciding if the room is supposed to be relaxing. If yes, choose a light neutral or a calming color like blue.

Discouraged Colors for Different Rooms

Most buyers have an easier time imagining themselves in a home with a neutral exterior. For example, a house with gray and white outdoors is likely to sell for more than those with tan or brown finishes. When it comes to the bathroom, green is one of the colors that real estate professionals discourage. In the kitchen, you should avoid red, yellow, and other bright colors. Instead, choose clean and neutral colors for the room. When repainting your home, talk to your painter and have them strike these color options off the list. 

Approved Finishing Techniques

You also need to invest in quality finishes if you want the fresh coat of paint to last long. For example, a matte finish does an excellent job hiding the flaws and imperfections in the walls. The finish also makes the walls appear newer and more beautiful. You should also consult professionals about priming, as it gives your walls the perfect finish.

House painting is one of the easy ways to improve the overall appearance of your home and raise the value of your property. By hiring a painting contractor, you can give your home that much-needed facelift before you sell.