Three Things To Look For In A Painting Contractor

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Three Things To Look For In A Painting Contractor

12 January 2021
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If you need a professional painting contractor for your home or property, then you may be wondering what you should look for in a contractor. Not only do you need to find a trustworthy contractor, but you need to make sure that they know what they are doing before they paint your house. You should look for a licensed, knowledgeable contractor with references or previous completed jobs in the area.


One of the most important parts of hiring any contractor, especially a contractor working with a material as difficult to work with as paint, is making sure that they are well-recommended. A contractor with the experience and know-how to be hired by other customers is well worth your time. Meanwhile, contractors without references or previous customers should generally be avoided. One way to make sure that a painting contractor has references is to simply talk with other homeowners or property managers in the area, ask who they used for their paint and design, and choose from that list of contractors. This way, you know any contractor you choose has at least one reference without needing to ask them personally.

Painting Knowledge

The next thing to look for in a painting contractor is the knowledge needed to give you a proper painting job. You don't need to know everything about painting in order to ask the right questions, but you should try to ask a few regardless. For example, you should ask how they prepare the wall before painting and what kind of paint they will use for the material and space at hand (matte, waterproof, etc.). If you've chosen a contractor with a reference in mind, then try to look at their previous work if possible. The quality of the previous work can tell you a lot about how they manage a paint job, even if the space or area painted is not the same as yours.

A License

Finally, make sure to ask for proof of a license. Painting contractors are not painters working freelance; they are licensed professional painters with liability insurance for the work itself and their employees. The contract you sign should have proof of their license within the state the work will be done in. If you notice that the contractor has a license for a different state than the one you work in, make sure to ask if the license is still valid. Different states have different requirements, and not every state accepts licenses from others

Painting is difficult work, and it's only understandable that any homeowner or property manager would ask for professional help. If this sounds like you, find a licensed painting contractor in your area today.