Residential Exterior Painting: Your Frequent Questions Explained

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Residential Exterior Painting: Your Frequent Questions Explained

30 March 2020
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Painting the outside of a home can drastically change how it looks for the better. Take a peek at some of the common questions residential customers tend to have about exterior painting

Can vinyl siding be painted?

Both vinyl and aluminum siding can be painted, but you do have to make sure you work with a true professional to get the job done. When the existing finishes on either of these types of siding start to break down, they can develop a powdery sort-of residue that has to be fully eradicated before the paint is applied. If not, the new paint application will not only look bad, but it will slough away quickly. Painting vinyl siding can also be tedious because of its surface texture, which is often textured to deter moss and mildew. 

Is it best to also have your shutters painted along with the rest of the house?

If you have relatively new shutters, you may be fine to leave them as they are as long as the color matches what paint color you go with. However, a lot of homeowners do choose to have their shutters painted along with the house. You get a fresh look all the way around when you opt to have the exterior siding painted, the shutters painted, and the rest of the details like the window trim painted as well. 

Are there certain times of the year when it is best to do exterior painting?

Naturally, it is best if you opt to have your home painted when the weather is fair. In the winter, colder temperatures can affect how quickly the paint dries, which can mean a few extra precautions have to be taken. Avoid rainy seasons in your area or times of the year when there is a threat of sudden changes in weather. 

Can the painting company mend issues before they paint?

If the outside of your home has small issues, such as a missing piece of vinyl siding or an area of wood siding that needs to be replaced, these spots will need to be repaired before painting. Whether the painting company can tend to the issues or not depends on the company itself. Some companies will gladly tend to small issues before they get started, and some may not have the qualified skills or tools to make the repairs, so they will recommend another professional comes in before painting.