Having Your Home Painted? 3 Things You Can Do To Help Painters

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Having Your Home Painted? 3 Things You Can Do To Help Painters

20 March 2020
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Having your home painted is a fun, easy way to completely switch up the exterior impression of your home. Whether you are moving from a sage green to a white or having all of your soffit and fascia painted an accent color, exterior painting can make a big difference. However, before professionals come, it is important to do whatever you can to prepare. Here are three things you can do to help painters. 

1. Find A Babysitter for Kids and Pets If you have small children and pets, there's a pretty high likelihood that they will be interested in any visitors that come to your home, including professional exterior painters. Kids can ask questions, try to climb ladders, or just get in the way, while pets can bark and nip at the heels of your painters. 

To prevent all of these issues, find a babysitter for your children and pets before painting day. Make sure that you book the entire time that painters will be at your home, and explain to kids how the house will look different when they return. 

2. Tidy Up Outdoors To make it easier for professional painters to access the exterior panels of your home, tidy up around the exterior of your house. Remove patio furniture, take down decorations, and cover landscaping if you are concerned about how the painting session will impact things. 

Make sure that professionals have places where they can fix ladders or place trucks to make it easier for their team to navigate the terrain around your home. Consider moving your own cars to give them a convenient place to park, and ask if there is any equipment that needs to be plugged into power. 

3. Have Decisions Made In Advance One of the most complicated aspects of professional exterior painting is choosing the colors that you want for your home. To avoid dragging out the painting process, have your colors chosen in advance, and don't make any changes along the way. If you do want something different, mention it as soon as possible so your painter can stop existing work and start on your new path. 

When you have exterior painting services scheduled, do whatever you can to be ready for them to come. Talk with your exterior house painting team to see if there is anything extra you should take care of before the big day, and follow their instructions to the letter of the law. By working with a team who really understands their craft, you can ensure a more beautiful paint job. 

Learn more about exterior house painting and how to prepare for it by contacting a professional in your area.