Why Vinyl Wallpaper Works Well In Commercial Bathrooms

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Why Vinyl Wallpaper Works Well In Commercial Bathrooms

6 February 2020
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Are you looking for the perfect wall material to use in a commercial bathroom? While you might assume some type of paint would be the smartest choice, there is another alternative to consider: vinyl wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is not like the paper found on walls in homes from the 1970s. It's instead made from a smooth, vinyl sheet, creating numerous benefits for your commercial bathroom.

1. It won't mold or rot.

If you were to use another type of wallpaper in a bathroom, the moisture exposure would be too much. The paper would soon begin to peel away from the walls, grow mold, and maybe even allow rot to develop in the walls behind the wallpaper. Vinyl, on the other hand, is impervious to moisture. It won't mold, and it won't let water seep beneath and cause rot. This is important in a commercial bathroom where you can't always tell how messy visitors are going to get with the water.

2. It's easy to clean.

When a commercial bathroom gets used day in and day out, you have a lot of cleaning to do. Anything that saves you time or effort is a smart choice. You can easily wipe vinyl wallpaper down with a rag and any type of all-purpose cleaning solution. Since it's so easy to clean, you (or your janitorial staff) can clean it more often, helping to reduce the spread of disease.

3. It hides imperfections.

A lot of walls in commercial spaces, especially older commercial spaces, are not exactly smooth. It would take a lot of mudding to get them smooth. You can put vinyl wallpaper over a not-so-perfect wall, and it will simply hide all of the imperfections. This saves you or your builder so much time in comparison to painting.

4. It comes in multiple patterns and textures.

Say you want super-smooth walls. You can find very smooth vinyl. Say you want walls with more texture; you can find that, too. And no type of vinyl wallpaper is any harder to install than the other, unlike paint, which can require a lot of work if you want a textured or stippled look.

Keep the advantages above in mind when choosing a wall product for your bathroom. Commercial vinyl wallpaper can be a smart choice, for the builder, the janitorial staff, and for you. Start looking over your options to find a color and pattern you enjoy.