4 Tips To Help Get Ready For Exterior Painting That Will Last And Looks New Again

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4 Tips To Help Get Ready For Exterior Painting That Will Last And Looks New Again

28 January 2020
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Part of the routine maintenance that needs to be done for buildings is routine painting. This is something that will help keep a finish looking new, as well as prevent problems like water damage and wood rot. Before you can have the painting done though, there are some preparations that need to be done. The following tips will help you get ready for exterior painting and ensure you do not have problems later.

1. Inspect the Exterior to See If It Is Time to Repaint and If Any Repairs Need to Be Done

The first thing that you will want to do before you get ready for new paint is to inspect the exterior. There are signs that tell you it is time for new paint, such as fading colors, peeling, and bubbling of the paint. When inspecting the exterior for signs of wear, also look for damage like wood rot and water damage that may be hidden behind bubbling paint.

2. Removing Old Exterior Caulking and Sanding Paint to Ensure New Finishes Look Good

Before you can have the new exterior painting done, you will also need to caulk all the cracks around windows, doors, and other exterior finish materials. Remove all the old caulking with a utility knife to make it easier to prepare the surfaces for new paint and caulk the cracks again before the final coat of exterior paint is applied.

3. Repairing Any Damage to Woodwork and Caulking the Exterior to Prepare for New Paint

There may be a lot of damage to things like woodwork that needs to be repaired before you can finish painting. Look around the trim for windows, doors, and other exterior moldings. If the old paint is bubbling or peeling, there may be more extensive damage beneath the finish. Fill the damage with a wood filler or replace the materials before you apply the final finish coat of paint to the surface.

4. Cleaning the Exterior and Priming If Needed Before Getting Ready for New Exterior Paint

To ensure that your new exterior paint adheres to the surfaces, it is important to make sure that all the surfaces are clean. In addition, you may also need to add a coat of primer to any new materials where repairs have been done, or where you plan on using different colors than the original colors.

These are some tips that will help you get ready for exterior painting as part of routine maintenance and to keep finishes looking new. If it is time to have the exterior painting done for your home or business, contact an exterior home painting service for help with your project.